Guardians of The Galaxy
Directed byJames Gunn (IMDB/Wikipedia)
Produced byKevin Feige (IMDB/Wikipedia)
Screenplay byJames Gunn & Nicole Perlman (IMDB)
Peter Quill/Star-LordChris Pratt (IMDB/Wikipedia)
GamoraZoe Saldana (IMDB/Wikipedia)
Drax the DestroyerDave Bautista (IMDB/Wikipedia)
GrootVin Diesel (IMDB/Wikipedia)
RocketBradley Cooper (IMDB/Wikipedia)
Ronan the AccuserLee Pace (IMDB/Wikipedia)
Yondu UdontaMichael Rooker (IMDB/Wikipedia)
NebulaKaren Gillan (IMDB/Wikipedia)
Korath the PursuerDjimon Hounsou (IMDB/Wikipedia)
Corpsman Rhomann DeyJohn C. Reilly (IMDB/Wikipedia)
Nova Prime Irani RaelGlenn Close (IMDB/Wikipedia)
ThanosJosh Brolin (IMDB/Wikipedia)

Guardians of The Galaxy is an American superhero film, realeased in 2014 by Marvel Studios. It is the tenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (the MCU), and is a part of Marvel's "Phase Two" set of films.

The film follows a young man named Peter Quill, also known (to hardly anyone) as Star-Lord. As a boy Peter was abducted from his home planet, Earth, by the Ravagers, a vicious group of space pirates. The pirates raise Peter and under the tutelage of their leader, Yondu, he becomes an intergalactic theif.

At the start of the film Peter steals a mysterious orb, which turns out to be in much higher demand than he originally thought. He suddenly finds himself being pursued not only by Yondu (who he brilliantly double-crossed), but by the Nova Corps and the fanatical Kree leader Ronan the Accuser.

Peter soon finds that he has to team with a group of equally ill-adjusted space criminals not only to survive, but to eventually save the universe. With the beautiful assassin Gamora, the vengeful (and hopelessly literal) Drax the Destroyer, the genetically modified and enhanced raccoon Rocket, and the surprisingly gentle but equally surprisingly powerful tree-creature Groot (who, let's be honest, could have done everything single-handedly), Peter and his team make up the Guardians of The Galaxy.

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